The world exists in a state of duality between the mundane and the mythic. Like the difference between the enamel, paint and mirrors on a carousel compared to the complex mechanisms of it’s inner workings. Which is which, however, is a much more complicated thing. Each exists in a balance with the other in an eternal spin of cosmic clockwork. The ebb and flow of influence on the mindset of mortals rising and receding like a thousand year tide.


Where mortals live and love and die. The mundane, day to day activities that drive each mortal to their grave and grease the wheels of humanities many efforts to be masters of all they survey. Every dream, nightmare, hope and fear passing on to the ethereal realm beyond…


Where myths and legends and horrors beyond imagining hide. The shadow that masks the predators as they sup upon the lifeblood of those who have come before as they wait with baited breath for their prey to die…


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