Elsewhere is a place of mystery and strangeness, it’s physical laws are generally mutable and strange in comparison to the rigid structure of Reality itself.
The most obvious and universal of these is “As Above So Below.” This alchemical rule may have had some basis in mortal glimpses into Elsewhere, or perhaps it was brought to mortal mind by some Mage who attempted to pass wisdom onto hapless minds. In any case the structure of Elsewhere is similar to a self-containing klein bottle or some sort of four dimensional mobius structure where the ‘ceiling’ you are viewing above you is, in fact, the other side of the ground you are standing on. This leads to a number of unique geographical oddities…

That being said, let’s move on to some of the actual places in Elsewhere.



The Spiral Pit (Sheol)

The Falling Mountain

The Corpsefire Sky

The Great Glass Moon

The Iron Spires

The Emerald Labyrinth


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