The Court of Clubs

Court of clubs

The Kingdom of Levin and Iron

Domains: The Iron Spires, the Emerald Labyrinth
Associations: Artifice, Electricity, Legacy, Mad Science, Steam and Forgefire, Time, The Future, Wand Tarot, Winter
Denizens: The Created, Mad Scientists
Ruler: The Stitched King, Herr Adam Victorson
Description: In the floating city of Spires, throne of the Court of Clubs, all of the possible futures and improbable pasts live in cacophonous harmony. Brass clockwork and pneumatics seamlessly blend with crystalline circuitry all powered by sentient energies and living AIs. Living amongst these improbabilities are all those things that Reality would make and reject. From Golems and Androids to Genetic Abominations. Everything that is unnatural and yet made by the hands of Man calls the Court of Clubs home. The Animate Parliament runs the goings on of the kingdom with all the efficiently of a hundred year old pocketwatch (generally speaking this does depend on if they have been wound recently) and the position that once was filled by the Wooden Boy-King Pinocchio is now held by Frankenstein’s Greatest Folly.


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