There are a few main differences with how you’re going to make your characters, first of all you’re going to have Hacks. Two of them. One you choose and one that is either a racial or rolled randomly. This is an action movie so your characters are just a bit more awesome than everybody else (of equal power, at least, don’t let it go to your head). Second of all we aren’t dealing with Morality of any sort. Again, this is an Action Movie so you won’t be dealing with the sort of guilt that a Morality scale imposes. This, however, does not mean there won’t be consequences for your actions. They just won’t be immediate or necessarily psychological. Finally, as things progress in-game I will be rewarding those who go the extra mile in making things interesting. To put it plainly: We will be using ‘stunt dice.’ The more descriptive your actions the more bonus dice you will get for your rolls.

Addendum. A final stricture that I had mentioned but am now putting in writing for all of you: Background and Connections. I am going to require not only a background paragraph (4-5 lines at least that gives me a feel for the character outside of their sheet) but also you will need to have had prior interaction with two of the other PCs and write a similar paragraph for these connections In Your Own Words. These connections can be anything from having been siblings, best buds, professional contacts, or even frenemies. You have to know them well enough to be able to call them by their first name without it being too awkward. Something like that, you get the idea.

Otherwise, go crazy. Mostly. As long as it make some modicum of sense for the template you’re using then just run it by me. I will probably say yes. Anything goes…


Except for Mortals of any stripe. Hunters or Mortals with any of the special Merits that might give them powers of any sort still count as Mortals. The problem being that a) Mortals cannot cross into Elsewhere without help and b) Mortals that are exposed to Elsewhere do not stay Mortal for long.

Most Mortals are kidnapped by the varying forces in Elsewhere to be used as food or labor, to bolster ranks in armies or to be the subjects of Experimentation. A Year and a Day (To the second) after a Mortal passes the threshold into Elsewhere, if they are still somewhere in Elsewhere, they become Changelings. This is, of course, if they do not become something else before that. This goes for Mortals that somehow escape their captivity before then and find their way back to Reality as well, if they somehow find themselves back in Elsewhere before their timer runs out the change will take hold.


Come in many shapes and sizes, the denizens of the shadows and the monsters of legends…


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